5 Subs can be used this Season in ALL League and Local Cup matches


Tuesday 30th August(7pm KO Unless Stated)
Beamish Stout Senior Premier Division
St Mary’s v Cobh Wanderers St Mary’s Park 7.30pm(T.Long, K.Callnan, E.Harte)
Beamish Stout Senior 1st Division
Carrigaline Utd v Everton Ballea Park (R.Murphy)

Wednesday 31st August(7pm KO Unless Stated)

Beamish Stout Senior Premier Division

Rockmount                  v          College Corinthians    Rockmount Park 7.45pm    (K.O.Sullivan, R.Crean, T.Kelleher)

Beamish Stout Senior 1st Division

Blarney                        v          Leeds                          O Shea Park 7.45pm (K.Callanan)

Wilton                         v          Passage                       Pat Bowdren Park       (T.Long)

Keane Cup Group B

Avondale                     v          Casement                    Avondale Park             (R.Murphy)

Friday 2nd Sept(6.30pm KO Unless Stated)

Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group C: Carrigaline Utd       v          Corinthians Academicals 7.30pm            (K. Szatkowski)

Group C: Rockmount             v          Blarney Utd 7.30pm                                 (J.Hennesey)

Group G: Mayfield Utd          v          Ringmahon Rgs B 7.30pm                        (P.McCaulife)

Group H: Youghal Utd                       v          Leeds 7.30pm                                           (T.Goggin)

Saturday 3rd Sept(3pm KO Unless Stated)

Keane Cup

Group B: Leeds                       v          Blarney           Leeds Park                         (D.Keeler)

Group C: Cobh Wanderers    v          Passage           Old Church Park                (G.Kelly)

Group D: Glasheen                v          Kinsale            Murphy’s Farm 2pm         (T.McCarthy)

Group G: Mallow                   v          Midleton         Town Park                          (T.Long)

Group H: Bandon                   v          St Mary’s         Town Park                         (K.Callnan)

MFA Champions Cup

Douglas Hall                           v          Carrick Utd     Moneygourney                   (R.Murphy)

Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group B: College Corinthians  v    Ringmahon Rgs A  Castletreasure               (J.O.Connor)

Group E: Crosshaven             v          St Mary’s         Camden                             (J.Walsh)

Group F: Ringmahon Rgs       v          Everton           Ringmahon Park                (P.Hayes) 

Sunday 4th Sept(10.45am KO Unless Stated)

Beamish Stout Senior Premier Division

Avondale                                v          College Corinthians   Avondale Park 3pm                  (K.Callanan, E.Harte, D.Kleir)

eane Cup

Group A: Ballincollig              v          Wilton             The Landing Field              (R.Murphy)

Group C: Ballinhassig            v          Carrigaline      Gortnaglougha                  (T.Kelleher)

Group E: Leeside                    v          Douglas Hall   Leeside Park                      (G.Kelly)

Group F: Everton                   v          Mayfield Utd  Everton Park                      (T.Long)

Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group A: Wilton Utd             v          Everton Utd    Pat Bowdren Park             (M.Rajszczak)

Group B: Casement               v          Passage           Casement Park                  (A.Browne)

Group D: Fermoy                   v          Leeside            Carrig Park                         (J.Walsh)

Monday 5th Sept(6.30pm KO Unless Stated)

Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group D: Riverstown             v    Cobh Wanderers  G.A.C.A                                         (J.Hennesey)

Tuesday 6th Sept(6.30pm KO Unless Stated)

Keane Cup

Group B: Casement               v          Leeds               Casement Park                 (D.Kleir)

Group C: Carrigaline              v          Cobh Wanderers  Ballea Park                             (R.Murphy)

Group D: Castleview              v          Fermoy            O’Sullivan Park                 (T.Kelleher)

Group G: Rockmount             v          Mallow            Rockmount Park               (D.Coleman)

Group H: St Mary’s                v          Riverstown     St Mary’s Park                  (K.O.Sullivan)

 Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group C: Blarney Utd                        v          Carrigaline Utd      O’Shea Park               (T.McCarthy)

Group C: Corinthians Academ v       Rockmount           Castletreasure            (R.Crean)

Group G: Ringmahon Rgs B   v          Douglas Hall Ath   Ringmahon Park        (K.Szatkowski)

Group H: Midleton                v          Youghal                 Knockgriffin Park        (J.O.Connor)

Wednesday 7th Sep(6.30pm KO Unless Stated)

Keane Cup

Group A: Ballincollig              v          College Corinthians   The Landing Field  (K.O.Sullivan)

Group B: Blarney                   v          Avondale                    O’Shea Park           (T.Long)

Group C: Passage                   v          Ballinhassig                Rockenham Park   (T.McCarthy)

Group E: Douglas Hall           v          Kilreen Celtic              Moneygourney      (K.Callnan)

Group F: Mayfield                  v          Tramore Ath               Mayfield Park 7.45pm    (R.Murphy)

Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group B: College Corinthians  v          Passage                       Castletreasure       (P.Hayes)

Group B: Ringmahon Rgs A   v          Casement                   Ringmahon Park    (P.McAuliffe)

Group E: Avondale Utd         v          Crosshaven                 Avondale Park        (M.Rajszczak)

Group F: Everton                    v          Glasheen                    Everton Park          (J.Hennesey)

hursday 8th Sept(6.30pm KO Unless Stated)

Keane Cup

Group A: Wilton                    v          Ringmahon Rgs          Pat Bowdren Park   (K.Callnan)

Beamish Stout Junior League Cup

Group A: Everton Utd             v          Douglas Hall               Everton Park            (T.Goggin)

Group A: Ballincollig              v          Wilton                         The Landing Field    (J.O.Connor)

Group D: Cobh Wanderers    v          Fermoy                        Old Church Park      (P.Braganza)

Group D: Leeside                    v          Riverstown                 Leeside Park          (K.Szatkowski)