5 Subs can be used this Season in ALL League and Local Cup matches


                  Please note that with immediate effect teams in the Munster Senior, Junior and Youths Cup competitions will now be allowed play five (5) from seven (7) named substitues.
                  However for this seasons League Champions Trophy games only three (3) from seven (7) can be used as the competition had started before the rule change was passed.

Gerard Delaney,
MFA Administrator 


Friday 23rd September(7pm KO Unless Stated)

Munster Senior Cup 1st Round

St Mary’s                             v              Mallow                                 St Mary’s Park 7.45pm   (D.Coleman)

Beamish Stout Senior Premier Division

Mayfield Utd                     v              Castleview                         Mayfield Park 7.45pm

                                                                (K.Callnan, T.Kelleher, D.Kleir)

Munster Junior Cup 1st Round

Youghal Utd                       v              Leeside                                                Ardarth Park 7.30pm      (P.Braganza)


Beamish Stout Junior League 2

Douglas Hall Ath              v              Crosshaven                        Moneugourney 7.30pm                (J.Walsh)


Beamish Stout Floodlit League

Crofton Celtic                    v              Ballinhassig                        Mardyke 7pm                    (J.O.Connor)

Cobh Wanderers              v              Leeds                                    Mardyke 8pm                    (P.McAuliffe)

Ringmahon Rangers       v              College Corinthians        Mardyke 9pm                    (P.McAuliffe)


Saturday 24th September

(3pm KO Unless Stated)


Munster Senior Cup 1st Round

Kinsale                                 v              Passage                            Madden Park                     (T.McCarthy)

Blarney Utd                        v              Ballinhassig                        O’Shea Park                       (T.Long)

Douglas Hall                       v              Ringmahon Rgs                 Moneygourney                 (R.Murphy)

Beamish Stout Senior 2nd Division

Glasheen                             v              Ballincollig                         Murphy’s Farm 2pm       (D.Coleman)

Munster Junior Cup 1st Round

College Corinthians        v              Ringmahon Rgs B             Castletreasure                  (T.Kelleher)

Ringmahon Rgs                 v              Douglas Hall                       Ringmahon Park               (T.Goggin)

Dunmanway                      v              St Mary’s                             Dunmanway 1pm                  (WCL) 

Mayfield                              v              Riverside                             Mayfield Park                    (K.Szatowski)

Healy O’Connor                v              Everton                                                Garryduff 2.30pm            (CBL)

Sunday 25th September

(10.45am KO Unless Stated)

Munster Senior Cup 1st Round

Fermoy                             v              Bandon                                                Carrig Park                          (R.Crean)

Everton                             v              Carrigaline                          Everton Park                      (K.Callnan)

Wilton                               v              Cobh Wanderers              Pat Bowdren Park            (T.Long)

 Beamish Stout Senior 2nd Division

Casement                           v              Kilreen Celtic                    Casement Park                 (G.Kelly)

Munster Junior Cup 1st Round

Cobh Wanderers              v              Rockmount                         Old Church Park               (J.Hennesey)

Ringmahon Rgs A             v              Riverstown                         Ringmahon Park               (A.Browne)

Casement                           v              Skibereen                           Casement Park  1pm              (P.Hayes)

Haven Electrical                v              Carrigaline Utd                 Camden                               (CBL)

Doolans Cow Bar              v              Wilton                                  Mayfield Comm School (CBL)

U.C.C. United                     v              Everton Utd                        The Farm                             (CBL)

Mizen AFC                          v              Avondale Utd                    Mizen                                   (WCL)

Clonakility                          v              Midleton                             Clonakility                          (WCL)

Bantry Bay Rovers           v              Leeds                                    Bantry                                   (WCL)

Beamish Stout Junior League 2

Fermoy                            v              Ballincollig                         Carrig Park 1pm                                (K.Szatowski)

Corinthians Acad             v              Glasheen                             Castletreasure                  (J.O.Connor)

Monday 26th September

(7pm KO Unless Stated)

Beamish Stout Senior 1st Division

Midleton                             v              Leeds                               Knockgriffin Park   7.30pm          (D.Keeler)

Friday 30th September(7pm KO Unless Stated)


Beamish Stout Senior 1st Division

Passage                                                v              Bandon                                                Rockenham Park 7.45pm (T.Kelleher)

Carrigaline Utd                  v              Leeside                                                Ballea Park 7.30pm          (T.Long)

 Aviva & Umbro FAI Junior Cup 2nd Round

Youghal Utd                       v              Douglas Hall                        Ardarth Park 7.30pm      (D.Coleman)

Rockmount                            v              Cloughduv                             Rockmount Park 7.45pm    (K.Szatowski)

 Beamish Stout Junior League 1

Blarney Utd                        v              St Mary’s                             O’Shea Park 7.30pm       (M.Rajszczak)

 Beamish Stout Junior League 2

Douglas Hall Ath                   v              Casement Celtic                   Moneygourney 7.30pm      (J.O.Connor)

 Beamish Stout Floodlit League

Mayfield                              v              Ringmahon Rangers        Mardyke 7pm                    (T.Goggin)

College Corinthians         v              Ballincollig                           Mardyke 8pm                    (P.McAuliffe)

Wilton                                   v              Everton                                                Mardyke 9pm                    (P.McAuliffe)

 Saturday 1st October(2pm KO Unless Stated)

 Munster Senior Cup 1st Round

College Corinthians         v              Mayfield Utd                     Castletreasure                  (T.Long)

 Beamish Stout Senior Premier Division

Douglas Hall                        v              Castleview                          Moneygourney                               

                                                                (K.O.Sullivan, R.Murphy, D.Kleir)

Ringmahon Rangers        v              St Mary’s                             Ringmahon Park

                                                                (G.Kelly, R.Crean, D.Coleman)

Beamish Stout Senior 2nd Division

Kinsale                                  v              Casement Celtic                               Madden Park                     (T.McCarthy)

Ballincollig                           v              Fermoy                                                The Landing Field             (T.Kelleher)

Kilreen Celtic                      v              Glasheen                             Murphy’s Farm                 (D.Keeler)

 Aviva & Umbro FAI Junior Cup 2nd Round

Everton                                                v              Midleton                             Everton Park                      (P.Braganza)

Satellite Taxi’s                   v              Leeds                                    Deerpark CBS                    (CBL)

Lakewood                           v              Ringmahon Rangers B    Ovens                                   (AUL)

 Sunday 2nd October(10.45am KO Unless Stated)

Beamish Stout Senior 1st Division

Riverstown                         v              Blarney                                 G.A.C.A.                               (E.Harte)

Midleton                             v              Everton                                                Knockgriffin Park              (R.Murphy)

 Beamish Stout Senior 2nd Division

Ballinhassig                         v              Mallow                                 Gortnaglougha                  (K.O.Sullivan)

 Aviva & Umbro FAI Junior Cup 2nd Round

Wilton Utd                          v              Passage                                                Pat Bowdren Park            (A.Browne)

Everton Utd                       v              Mayfield Utd                     Lehenaghmore Park       (T.McCarthy)

Avondale Utd                    v              Knockraha                           Avondale Park                   (T.Goggin)

U.C.C. A                                               v              OBS FC                                  The Farm                             (P.Hayes)

Waterloo                             v              Cobh Wanderers              Whitechurch Community Centre (AUL)

Cathedral Celtic                                v              Riverstown                         Fairfield                                (AUL)

Watergrasshill                   v              College Corinthians         Skehanagh Park                                (AUL)

Castleview                          v              Ringmahon Rangers        O’Sullivan Park                  (AUL)

Haven Electrical                                v              Carrigaline Utd                  Camden                               (CBL)

 Beamish Stout Junior League 2

Fermoy                                                v              Crosshaven                        Carrig Park                          (J.Hennesey)

Ballincollig                           v              Glasheen                             Castletreasure                  (J.Walsh)